Advertising Opportunities
at the
Buffalo Theater

235 S. Main Street, Buffalo, WY  82834 ∙ (307) 684-9950 ∙

In the interest of promoting social distancing to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our community, The Buffalo Theater will be closed until further notice.

1st Quarter billing for on-screen advertising clients has been mailed with a prorated amount for the month of March, so that clients were only billed for the portion of the month that the theater was open and showing on-screen ads.

All on-screen advertising clients will be contacted when the theater is able to re-open to determine if clients wish to resume showing their ads.

We thank you for your patronage and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

If you have any additional questions regarding the on-screen advertising, please call or text Rob Yingling at (307) 217-0056, or by emailing

Now Showing on the Big Screen...
Your Business Ad !

Buffalo Theater LLC, is excited to offer digital advertising for your business!

The audience coming to the theater is between ages 8 and 80 with the majority in their 30ísand 40ís. This is a captive consumer audience.

What better way to reach this group for your advertising!

We offer an affordable advertising program that covers graphics and text display of your business advertisement.  This price covers the display of your ad in a rotation that plays before the main feature film on both theater movie screens. The digital slide show will run for 30 min. before the feature film along with local interest slides.  The maximum number of slides is limited so each ad gets plenty of exposure.

The cost of running your ad at the theater is:

  • $60.00 per month
  • $180.00 per quarter

An additional set-up fee is charged to submit your own ready-to-show advertisement to the theater's specifications, or to have us develop your advertisement for you, or to make changes to an ad you already have running at the theater. Set-up fees are:

  • You submit your ready-to-show ad to the theater's specifications:  $10.00 setup fee
  • We create your ad to your satisfaction:  $40.00 setup fee
  • You ask us to make changes to your current ad:  $25.00 setup fee
  • You submit a new or changed ad yourself:  $10.00 setup fee

Digital Advertisement Specifications & Instructions
for submitting your own ad to the Buffalo Theater

2372 pixels (11.86") wide by 1144 pixels (5.72") tall
200 dpi (dots per inch/resolution)
.JPG graphic format
Your advertisement should use darker colors on a lighter background or lighter colors on a darker background for optimal visibility on the theater screen.
You can e-mail your advertisement to or call Rob Yingling at (307) 217-0056 to make other arrangements for delivery or pickup of your advertisement.

The theater's advertising quarters are:

  • January, February and March
  • April, May and June
  • July, August and September
  • October, November and December

Our advertising schedule works well with seasonal promotions and holidays, political campaigns and many other functions.

Contact Rob Yingling for more information on advertising
specifications and details:


Telephone:  (307) 217-0056

Samples of some of the Buffalo Theater's
current and past digital advertising clients:
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